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森ビル “都市に生きる。”






CD + C 藤本宗将

CD 菅野 薫

AD 宮下良介

D 田村玲子

Pr 池田 了

PM 西村大気 丹治 遥 加藤 伸

Production 株式会社ピクス

Agency 株式会社電通


梅澤 勉 稲垣雄治 佐藤麻優子 髙木健史 笠井爾示 若木信吾 高梨遼平

Mori Building "Living in TOKYO."

The ad will consist of snapshots of daily life and scenery at Corona Peril taken by a photographer. The concept of the ad is as follows.

After the unprecedented event of the Corona disaster and the experience of not being able to meet people freely, the way we interact with cities is changing. We have been reminded that what we used to take for granted is essential for us to live humanly and creatively. Mori Building is thinking about how cities should be in the "new everyday life" and is working to help people feel safe in the city. In this context, we wanted to use this year's experience as an opportunity to rethink the value of cities for all people and to think about the future. The people of the world are now beginning to search for new ways of living in the present. The same is true for the photographers who contributed their works to this corporate advertisement. During the period of self-restraint, they continued to take photos voluntarily. An empty town, life in a stay home. The works captured from their unique perspectives are the reality of people living in the city of Tokyo. The theme of the ad is "Living in the City," with the hope that we can think together with you about what it means to live in the city through diverse perspectives.

CD + C Muneyuki Fujimoto

CD Kaoru Sugano

AD Ryosuke Miyashita

D Reiko Tamura

Pr Ryo Ikeda

PM Taiki Nishimura, Haruka Tanji, Shin Kato

Production P.I.C.S. Co., Ltd.



Tsutomu Umezawa, Yuji Inagaki, Mayuko Sato

Takeshi Takagi, Chikashi Kasai, Shingo Wakagi, Ryohei Takanashi