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Panasonic×花王「#センタク」プロジェクト グラフィック撮影を担当いたしました。毎日の家事のひとつである洗濯を楽しみ、悦びを感じてほしいという思いから立ち上げた共同プロジェクトになります。10月19日は[洗濯を楽しむ日]。







CD 川上直人

AD 青木謙吾

P 梅澤 勉

Pr 小野崎毅

Pr 草柳正太

PM 櫻井優歌

D 河西郁生

Model 美衣

Production 太陽企画株式会社

Agency 株式会社電通

Panasonic×Kao "#SENTAKU" Project

I was in charge of the graphic photography for the Panasonic x Kao "#Centaku" project. October 19th is the "Enjoy Laundry Day", and this is a joint project launched to encourage people to enjoy and feel the joy of doing laundry, one of the daily chores. The following is from the official website

What is "Enjoy Laundry Day" on October 19?

October is a good month for "laundry day" with clear autumn skies during the day, both in terms of temperature and humidity. It is also a time when many dirty things come out due to sports festivals, cultural festivals, and the holiday season, and at the same time, there are more things to wash with new washing machines and detergents. We wanted to use this "laundry day" as an opportunity to conduct educational activities to encourage people to enjoy doing laundry. In order to make it a day when people can actively enjoy doing laundry, rather than just reducing the amount of housework, we established October 19th (1000 Sen 19 Toku) as a commemorative day.

CD Naoto Kawakami

AD Kengo Aoki

P Tsutomu Umezawa

Pr Tsuyoshi Onozaki

Pr Shota Kusayanagi

PM Yuka Sakurai

D Kai Kawanishi

Model Mii

Production TAIYO KIKAKU Co., Ltd.